Abusive environment can cause hair loss in children

Hair loss at an old age is natural, as hair passes through different stages of growth -from growing phase to regression phase to the phase at old age, when hair stops growing, which is called a resting phase. So when hair is at the resting phase, it stops growing. Moreover, the body cannot provide enough nutrients to the hair follicles to stay strong. This naturally may cause baldness. But what can be the answer when a child starts losing hair. This unnatural incident can be caused by several factors that raise concern.

  • Alopecia Areata: The immunity system which is designed to fight a foreign substance that enters the body may get confused and consider a part of the body as foreign and attack. In the condition of Alopecia Areata, hair is considered foreign and therefore the Autoimmune system attacks the hair and causes hair-fall. As a result, there can be bald patches in the head and even a loss of body hair. This condition is not corrective and will need treatment to control hair fall.
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  • Hypothyroidism: When the thyroid glands are underactive, a child can have excessive hair fall. The hair fall, in this case, will not be as severe as in the case of Alopecia Areata, but it does affect the quality of the hair. This can be taken care of by treating the condition of hypothyroidism.
  • Fungal infection: When the scalp is infected by fungus like Tinea Capitis (a ringworm) or has conditions like Psoriasis or Dermatitis hair fall can take place. The skin conditions are less likely to prevail among children though, but fungal infection can easily target children as it is contagious and can spread by sharing things. Make sure you keep things used by your child separate and keep their scalp clean. Also, include lots of Vitamin B in their diet to keep the scalp moisturized and healthy.
  • Physical stress: Severe stress caused by physical exertion like a surgery, physical injury, strong medication can also send hair follicles to a resting phase. An extreme emotional shock like loss of a loved one can also have a similar effect as physical stress. To come out of this proper nourishment and counseling helps. Hair is regained with the regaining of the health.
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  • Malnutrition: Deficiency in Vitamins and minerals especially iron, causes hair fall. For a proper intake of all the nutrients, the diet should be constantly monitored to make sure a good intake of Vitamin B, Zinc, Vitamin A, Protein, and Iron is maintained. One should also make sure that vitamin A is not excessively consumed because overconsumption of vitamin A can cause hair fall. On adults Vitamin A intake must not exceed 5000 IU per day. Many children are born with the condition of anemia which can be due to less intake of iron during pregnancy or inheritance. So it becomes important to always include iron-rich food in the children’s diet. A good intake of vitamin B ensures healthy and moisturized scalp, and the mass building protein increases hair growth.
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All these conditions discussed above are something we may face out of misfortune, but we definitely would not want to push our children into it. But what can we say if our children have hair fall due to an abusive environment? We definitely won’t push them into that, not even into that kind of environment. But if it has happened to the point that a child starts losing hair, that means we are not paying attention till it’s too late. You may have included the best diet, taken proper care to do regular medical check-ups and despite that, if you see your child losing hair and forming weird habits like plucking or pulling hair, this may mean you need to pay more close attention to your child. Children are very vulnerable and fragile. And they are very soft to be able to fight for themselves. They are not good at handling stress, because nature has not made them ready for it yet. They still have a lot to imbibe as they are in a process of learning to survive, and when they face negative situations they imbibe negativity instead. When they constantly face stress and anxiety, they may develop a habit of pulling and plucking their hair. Patches of hair loss can be seen in the sides in this case, especially the side of the active hand. If you notice something like this try to talk it out or take the help of counseling. This may take a lot of effort and patience because you have to build trust and let them know that you are always on their side without judging them.

I hope this never happen to any child. I thought I should alert the parents who may not be aware of such alarming signs.


Your baby benefits from cloth diapers more than the environment.

If my previous post fed some organic thoughts to your mind, but you could not quite figure out the feasibility of it all, I thought of helping you out with some tips here. Every mom finds out the best way to attend to her baby’s needs, making sure it works for both. But then we still can miss out some points till we stumble upon them.  Like, when we prefer cloth diapers, we may do that for the environment but we may not realize that using cloth diapers actually benefit our babies more than benefiting the environment. How? These are the 5 ways:

1. Cloth diapers allow the skin to breath

Disposable diapers may soak the urine and keep the skin dry, but the fact that it does not allow the skin to breath is still a markdown. I still love the disposable diapers because I want that blue dress to be worn for at least a couple of hours. And in winters it’s a task to strip down to all the layers of clothes I make my baby wear. Nor do I like to spoil an outing by making it a changing regime every time. So what I did for my son was to use it only when going out. Otherwise, I used cloth diapers. That’s because I also didn’t want my son to have rashes. Cloth diapers allow the skin to breathe and that is more important for the growing cells.

2. Your baby is exposed to lesser chemicals

The other reason why I tried to use cloth diapers more is, that way I also reduce my baby’s contact with chemicals. I tried to also reduce the usage of wipes. I had them for emergencies (the ones that claim to be chemical free), but still used soaked cotton to wipe the bum or would wash them. I would use moisturizers after that because baby’s skin tends to lose moisture easily.

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3. Using cloth diapers help with keeping the babies hydrated.

You may become intimidated with the thought ‘what if they pee and how many times?’ That’s a valid question. I agree. And my answer to that will be, are we not used to dealing with similar other things almost as gross as this. You’ll definitely have few nerve-wracking days initially when not using disposable diapers until you figure out how the little kidneys process to detox. But gradually once you understand after how long your baby pees or takes a poop, you can encourage her to use the pot to relieve herself.

The benefit of using a cloth diaper is we know how many times urine is passed. So you’ll know if your child is not drinking enough water if they pass less urine. If the urine is clear and does not have a strong smell that means the body is well hydrated. When the kidneys get to send out the toxins frequently they stay healthy too!

4. It becomes easier to train your baby to use the pot

To train your baby to use the pot, you have to first keep a track of how frequently your baby pees. Let’s say it’s every 2 hours. Start asking them if they want to pee when it nears 2 hours. Make them sit on the pot for a while. Let them select the pot from the store so that they want to sit on them. Once they are used to peeing on the pot, they don’t like when their pants are wet. At night you can set an alarm and take them to the pot without waking them up. The granny trick of using the SSS sound works.

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When the baby is small the size of the kidney is small too. Evidently, the baby will urinate more frequently when they are young, and while they grow with the comparatively bigger kidneys that can hold more water, their hold period of the urine also increases. So if you had to wake up thrice when your baby was 2 years old you may have to wake up twice when she is three. Never forget to use a protector sheet for the bed even if your baby has mastered your training.

5. It becomes easier to teach the importance of owning their bodies

To pee without adults help before joining preschool is something I always aimed for my child, but I failed. I have many reasons for which I couldn’t use these techniques, but if you have favorable conditions to handle things your way, wouldn’t you choose to make your baby independent before they join school? At least you’ll have the peace of mind that your baby won’t feel helpless all of a sudden when you leave her with unknown adults. More than that, recently after attending a workshop in my son’s school that teaches parents to educate safe-touch, I understood having a child trained to use toilet does help in teaching them how to own their body.

How to clean and wash cloth diapers:

To clean the cloth diapers, I used to rinse the diaper immediately after my baby peed. I would keep around ¼th  bucket of water with some detergent and disinfectant liquid available, into which I would drop the rinsed diapers.  I would take them out of the water to dry and wash them properly the next day. Whatever schedule you want to set to wash the clothes according to your convenience, you can have the diapers rinsed and dried every 8 hours or so and keep them in the laundry bag to wash them together whenever you find the time. I mostly used handmade diapers from thin cotton cloths so it dried sooner and became available for next use. I would use readymade diapers when my baby would be awake and active. If you wash the diapers immediately it becomes easier to clean, just make sure you use a mild detergent and rinse it properly. For the poop, after throwing in the pot I would use the toilet shower to clear the ones that remained in the cloth. Our shower had a good force to remove the stickiest of the poop! And then I would wash it immediately with detergent and then drop it in the bucket that already had other diapers.

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Choosing a soft and breathable cloth diaper for your baby will not only make the environment happy, it will also give you fewer worries for your child. Moreover, it saves you a lot of money. On this, let me also tell you that Amazon is offering huge discounts on cloth diapers. My pick is babysoft diapers that are easy to wear and to remove. They are soft, sensitive to skin and also have detachable pads. They are being offered at 65% off.

Apart from being gentle on my baby’s skin, I want to be gentle with his future too. Won’t you also want to leave a cleaner environment for your baby when she grows up?

Hope you find this post useful. Please share your views in the comments.


Shifting to an Organic Motherhood

I had a very stressful pregnancy that made my baby super cranky and hyperactive. For the first three days, I had no idea what was going on in my life with a precious little thing in my hands crying like anything and I couldn’t do anything to help him. I had a very less (almost none) support system to make things easier and everything was so new to me that anything I thought of doing for my baby accompanied doubt.

Things were fine till we were in the hospital, but the moment we entered the house my baby woke up and started crying. I tried to feed him that calmed him for a while and then he started crying again. Let me tell you his crying was deafening. Nurses may tell you it’s a sign of strength, but that sign of strength does take away all the energy the little one has. When I asked the doctors they said I had to feed him. So I only did that. I didn’t bother about the restrictions after the surgery. Whatever I thought would make him comfortable, I did that. Sat down on the floor, kept standing holding him for hours. But nothing helped. There were moments when his little eyes met mine and would plead for help, and I would feel so helpless. Later I found that his latching was incorrect. I was retrained and things were somewhat better, but the crying continued.

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Like every mother, I followed everything that was suggested by everyone. I used formula milk to make sure he does not stay hungry, gave him the drugs suggested for stomach ache he might have had. But he seemed to pick a routine of crying endlessly in the evenings. There was a physician we would go to for a second opinion (more than that, for the fact that he’s nearby and easily available on emergencies), and he would not advise bottle-feeding even if it was just about 20% of the baby’s feed. That thing stayed at the back of my mind, and I tried to make a conscious effort to reduce that but didn’t know how to do that. And one day when my 1-month-old baby was crying and I was wondering what can be wrong because I’d just fed him, my maid said that one feed won’t last long as that’s all liquid and would be peed out. Ah! Finally!! I got my answer. FROM A MAID!

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A child’s stomach is the size of his hand. When an infant sucks milk the tiny creature does not have enough strength to fill his little hand-sized stomach. He uses up all his energy in the process and goes to sleep tired. And when he pees the little stomach becomes empty again and he becomes hungry. So that makes it important for the mother to constantly be with the baby feeding on demand. If conditions permit it is always best to breastfeed a baby exclusively for six months. Any mammal’s milk is a complete food for its offspring. Cow’s milk can never have all the nutrients that a human baby need. And the problem with bottle feed is that the baby consumes a lot at once as the process is less laborious. That overfills the stomach and may cause stomach ache. Also, formula milk produces more gas. And those gas bubbles in the tiny intestine does cause pain, as the digestive system is too soft and new for the food of the earth. And their digestive system works best when they get mother’s milk. Come on, they have just been detached from the umbilical cord. This poses a challenge for working mothers, but then if they have a proper plan before planning a child, it helps. I support post-pregnancy break then pre-pregnancy break from work. If the work environment does not have stress, being engaged in work will only keep the pregnant mom happy and active.

After understanding how the tiny system was struggling in this world I understood how I could help my angel to stop crying and be happy. I made diapers out of soft clothes, folded them and kept them on the bed, and would feed him whenever he peed. He would go to sleep after being fed. Wake up whenever he pees. I change him and feed him again, and he would sleep and pee. That’s all he did. Get fed, sleep and pee. In a week he turned out to be a happy, playing baby far from being cranky. (Once a friend told me that a diaper does not decompose. I did use them when going out and at night or when it’s too cold. But I felt less guilty. The hot weather in India did help a lot in being organic with the choice of diaper too). To clean his poop I would use cotton balls. I would soak the cotton in water and wipe his bum and collect them in a newspaper and throw them.

The process of feeding my baby whenever he peed not only kept him well-nourished but it also worked as water therapy. Moreover, I could count the number of times he peed to make sure he’s well fed. This also helped him in having a normal sleep cycle as he would wake up frequently during the day. To make sure that his sleep isn’t interrupted during the night, I used disposable diapers at night (GUILT!). He would kick with one leg whenever he was hungry and I would get that signal. Later he stopped signaling by kicking. He would just look at me and even became patient to wait for me if I take time to bring a pillow or some snacks. A trust was built, and I was happy to know that my son felt secure and attended. He stopped crying completely. And let me add this after that I did not have to use any drug for stomach ache or gas. Not at all! I dumped the bottles of drugs that crossed expiry without being used.


This was possible only till I was in my mom’s house. Of course, there were challenges beyond comprehension in my in-law’s house, but I somehow managed it with a bad reputation. As my baby grew and it was time for me to introduce him to solid food, I was faced with the challenges of avoiding synthetic food. How do you avoid synthetic food when even the fresh vegetable available are not organic? I started terrace cultivation (with constant in-laws interference in that too). Fortunately, in our hometown, there are local markets where organic food is sometimes available. You can doubt them too, but food like banana-flower, local fish, local banana can be bought without a doubt. I would sweeten the food mostly with banana. The only synthetic food I used for my baby was the formula milk and sometimes baby food to mix pomegranate juice. I would make soups of lentils and corns and for anything I cooked for my baby’s little tummy, I would use that stalk. Fortunately, my baby liked wheat flour bread soaked in milk, so that helped me a lot to stay away from synthetic food. He also loved oranges and banana and sometimes mango. I couldn’t manage organic oranges though as they did grow locally.


When introducing solid food we just have to keep in mind that their tongue is too soft and used to mother’s milk. So we need to make sure the taste and texture of the food are similar to mother’s milk. They would initially like food that is moist and is similar to the taste of cheese. On the contrary, some babies like dry food because they want to chew them to comfort their gums. Some find a completely different taste interesting. We have to identify their preference by introducing one item at a time. It may take several attempts to make them like a food. Gradually we can start introducing newer food once the baby starts accepting solid food. Color plays an important role here. I used a lot of grated carrots, salad leaves (if spinach is accepted, well and good but there are chances of the whole meal being shunned if they find spinach bitter), pumpkins, beetroot, cherry tomatoes etc. It is also important to retain the fiber of the food so that they have softer stools. Peas and banana seem to be every baby’s favorite. But we have to be very careful about the peas to make sure they don’t get choked. Teether can be given a break by offering a leg piece of a chicken. That will not only teach them how to chew food, but it will also increase blood circulation of the gums that help the growth of teeth. We have to be very careful to keep a watch so that they do not chew the bone. If they develop a love for meat, you do not have to worry about the food for fiber and protein. Fatty fish is rich omega 3. If they don’t like the smell, you can use few drops of fragrant but less sour lemon.

I still couldn’t do all I wanted to for my child, but I try to pass on my experience with the thought that maybe it can help another new mom without any clue (Like me!).

Please share your beautiful experience and suggestions in the comments below.

5 Tips On How To Relate To A Teenager

I really loved reading this blog. Part of my concerns over the dreaded teenage phase of my son was already taken care of by this blog. As much as I got to know that I am on the right track on sharing my son’s interest, I also got to know that there are factors that can work against this bond, that I should be prepared to handle well. Thank you for sharing this information.

Helena's Infinite Shades of Life

Okay, let’s face it. I’m a cool mom!

At least according to the eldest of my two sons.

I never tried to be particularly cool, but it seems, somehow I found the secret to relating to my 14 year-old.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I was barely out of my teens when I got Bucky, or that I am still sometimes a child/teenager at heart myself.

All I can say is that, the way I am doing it seems to be working. So, I decided to share my experiences with all of you.

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Why raise to stoop?

One of my friend’s husband once said he does not appreciate when girls drive. I know ‘Ewww’ -that was my reaction too. It is the same person who found it hard to understand how a father can swim or share a drink with his daughter. Now this person calls his wife suspicious because she becomes angry when he behaves like a drooling ox whenever he sees a girl (not sure if he considered her being embarrassed about it). But that same person does love to flaunt his mother’s (newly acquired) dressing sense and smartphone expertise (most of which is HIS hard work and good coverage). He makes sure that his wife discards her dressing sense and remind him of what his mother used to look like before the new avatar. This works towards both assuring that nobody knows how hot his wife is (not even him) and being gentle on his pocket. Don’t take him to be anti-feminist, because he does support his mother’s conversion to a new age woman. This may sound extreme but this will sound familiar to an Indian (an extreme Indian condition with different mixes).

I don’t blame him. I blame his mother for setting those priorities in his life. It’s a big responsibility how we bring up our sons and daughters. I assume the mother of that person to be a highly insecure/suspicious and ambitious person. Insecure, because she seems to have her son under control and inflict her fears on him to work against her daughter in law. And ambitious because well, making sure that her daughter in law degrades and she upgrades, men wouldn’t be capable of such plots without a woman’s interference.

If my assumption is right, what will she get out of it? Few happy days of being in control against pushing her son to loneliness and disrespect. Absolutely not a fair deal. I feel teaching a boy to disrespect a girl will only bring disrespect to him, or make him an easy prey for gold-diggers, because, manipulative girls find it easy to lure men with a big ego.

It is important to instill healthy ego and self-respect -both for boys and for girls. As a parent, if we respect our children’s space, we teach them how to respect other’s space and their own.

P.S: This is a situation I have seen closely and thought I should share. It wouldn’t be fair to judge a mother’s upbringing from a son’s nature, as situations and personalities vary. I only wanted to share the thought of the importance of teaching a child to respect others.


Momma… I found my girl!!

..What’s your answer?… 😉



Did you consider having a new apartment than having a renovation regret?

Has it ever happened that you’ve planned a renovation picturing an exclusive lounge out of the unused porch and you realize that the mending and fittings did not leave you with enough cash, and you make your porch a green-house instead? A greenhouse is not bad but that does not call for all the renovation cost you’ve just paid. And what if you’ve ordered a kitchen remodel and by the time it was delivered, you ended up paying extra for the delay caused in work. Have you ever trusted the architect when he chose the cheapest floor work in the market for you and you later saw something more exquisite in a cheaper price in your friend’s house? Or did the personalized bathroom theme occupy more space and eat up your budget than you’ve realized? Renovation blues are unavoidable because it needs a lot of planning. Deconstructing and constructing has many scope for errors if you do not plan well. Firstly, the budget and the structure are not transparent. There is a lot of scope for misunderstanding because while you are focusing on one part of the house, you may later realize that some other part also need mending. You may fancy a great bathroom fitting, but that may incur more cost if your bathroom does not have the supporting structure for it. If your home does not feel different after all the expense, you may learn to admire the fresh paint with a sore heart, but you’ll drop the idea of home improvement ever, if the cost was almost like buying an apartment. How do you pay wise and get what you want? Here are some ways to avoid the worries. Predict them…

woman in white lace cap sleeved top and green skirt hiding behind brown wall
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Itemise the budget to Revise and allocate

Make a detailed account of the materials included in the contractor and the architect’s fees. Take into account your budget and estimated cost before calculating the real expense. Every time you revise the estimated cost against the budget you can filter the materials and work needed by prioritizing the items. Like, you can calculate and establish the importance of one appliance over the other. You can decide whether you want to compromise on lighting or doorknobs or on flooring etc., and you can make a final list of materials and work you want to actually buy. That becomes your real expense.

Calculate all possible add-ons to expenses

When estimating expenses we usually overlook the taxes that add-on to create a fair amount of the expenses. Include taxes and shipping costs of heavy materials etc., in your budget.

Have a cushion amount for unplanned expenses

Hidden costs are always there. You may not have realized that the cost of fitting the marbles can go up merely with the cost of fabrication. Try to constantly keep checking with the architect for the possibility of having any other cost involved by trying to get the detail of procedures at every stage. Keep an amount of unplanned expense.

Focus on savings to cover last minute changes

You may want to add or remove things in the renovation that is not included in the plan and the contractor’s fee. Consider how much you would want to keep aside for that. You may add a cost or make changes within the budget for the same. It also helps while prioritizing items to draw a real picture of which item you would love to have, which is more expensive so you can compromise on other materials that are not required to be too expensive. Maybe your decision of going for less a expensive kitchen tiles that you are not so excited about can give you your favorite bathroom design you saw lately.

unfinished wall
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Consider additional expenses for delays.

If you have an estimate of 2 months for the renovation, and you add lifestyle expenses accrued during renovations for two months, make it three (or four if feasible), so that you do not have to cut down on renovation costs to meet the expenses if there’s any delay. Lifestyle expenses can be the traveling costs, rent, food etc. There is no harm in having two months extra as a cushion amount for any unplanned changes; if possible to even shrink expenses as much as you can to have a good back-up. It is also important to consider what can cause delay, to avoid it. You may want to have one of those custom designs but also keep in mind when trying to have them installed while renovation is going on, you may get stuck with the issues like installation problem etc., So it’s very important to make it clear to the contractor for the possibility of delays caused thereby so that you come on agreeable terms for such blips. Like, maybe let them know in advance if things are there on time well and good otherwise such installation can be done later after the house is ready to move in.

Help your architect help you

Don’t leave it on the architect when he gives you the plan. Try to tell them what you actually want. And after they help you out with the information, try to search for the market rates yyourself. That way you’ll be able to find a less expensive alternative for the ones suggested. You may then discuss with them the pros and cons of the expensive and cheaper things and see which one you can take and avoid.

Keep an eye on the work. Keep checking the work as much as you can to check unwanted expenses and delays to get what you and let renovation pay you back.

The tug of war between ‘COOL’ and ‘WEIRD’ –where do you land?

The bandwagon of ‘cool’ always has protocols that are consistent with add-ons, though the protocols may change with time. All of us at one point or other want to be in the ‘cool’ group. Nobody wants to be weird or let’s say excluded from the group. But how do we chose what is cool and what is weird? Who sets the protocols? I see them merely as terms used for human characteristics in a negative and positive way. A similar characteristic can be termed ‘cool’ that sounds positive or ‘weird’ that sounds negative. And we get the real picture by being mindful of what we want or what others want from us.

snow winter mountain sport
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Anything that is fun gets the tag of being cool and anything that bores get the tag of being weird. But cool can be weird and vice versa. If taking pictures of the empty street is weird, being a professional photographer is cool. So you have to do street photography as a theme maybe at a certain point to get the tag cool (to become a professional photographer). Or maybe you can make math look fun by applying it to practical life and when you explain that in a fun way, the same thing that could have been weird, becomes cool. Jokes are cool but if you don’t know how to crack it, it is weird. So do you really have to pursue anything according to the tag you want, or should it be for what your heart loves? You can’t let others decide or affect your passion. While your talent is growing, let the society outgrow its trend.

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In the tagging trend of the society, the extremely introvert and the extremely extrovert people usually get targeted. If someone is called weird, it doesn’t mean others hate the person or something’s wrong with the person, but the effect of the term is almost like being hated or like being outcast. So an already conscious person who is fighting to gain confidence may end up being weirder depending on how he/she takes other’s observation. Or he/she may end up being more people pleaser and end up being exploited. On the other hand, an extrovert may exaggerate and be carried away to become vain and do things they don’t personally enjoy. But when you try to understand why you got a tag or how valid the tag is, you keep yourself grounded. The problem arises when you start losing your beautiful self because of societal pressure.

What makes one socially awkward or fun to be with?

  1. Being different from the crowd:

You can be a genius, but if you do not belong to the crowd you are labeled as weird. They may find it weird when you overdo a style or trend, or when you don’t like the social media or the most popular rap artist. But the same thing can be considered cool if you own it and understand that you do not have to do anything simply for being in trend. In that way, you are directing people to have an impression you want them to have about you.

  1. Gossips: Some take to gossips to be a part of the crowd and be fun. If you choose to gossip to be in the crowd, gossiping too much is again considered weird. And if you are doing that to follow the trend, when you stop and look at yourself objectively, even you’ll find it weird that you took to doing something you don’t enjoy. Again, you are making yourself something you don’t want to be.


  1. Social errors: Being awkward in a social gathering (can be due to shyness), not being formal in the staff meetings, being too warm or too quiet with colleagues, not good at cracking jokes, not being as excited about or being too indifferent to Bitcoin or anything even a handshake can bring a label. It can be anything cool or weird, but how you own it actually defines the label. Whether you own it or be affected by it or take it as a feedback, will decide what label stays with you. The more you understand that these are just impressions that can always change, the more you’ll be able to keep your individuality, because no one knows you better than yourself. So if you appear awkward because of your shyness, don’t fumble people will ultimately see you when time passes. When you try hard, it’s only then that you may come across as weird. And this may happen unconsciously while defending yourself or trying to avoid misunderstandings. It’s always good to make an effort but don’t try too hard or become negative. Nothing can fix misunderstandings more than time.
adult book business desk
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If people call you cool you must be living life interestingly to be fun around. But that applies only if you are genuinely being fun and not chasing an image of the same. The problem arises when you start living for an image and not for yourself. That way you let the group you are in decide your behavior and even your personality.

And if you are called weird, maybe you are being different. Maybe you have to wait for time to reveal your individuality in front of others. But what if you are actually being weird? If you go with an illusion of being different and do not accept that weirdness is there. It is up to you whether you make yourself grow or shrink out of the feedback from the society. You may love to play basketball for the sheer love of the game or for the love of the term cool associated with it. But when you are being mindful of what actually gives you pleasure, you can relate to how much of each you want from the game –the popularity or the success. Or you may not like basketball at all and don’t feel the need to show your love for the game just because others love it. If you own the dislike of the game and embrace it as a part of your personality, it’s cool, but if you crib about the love of the game or about why others should love the game, you outcast yourself. If you do not have to love the game because everybody is loving it, you also do not have to hate others’ love for the game just because you don’t like it.

dress fashion friends girlsPhoto by Pixabay on Pexels.com

black and white black and white bottle crowd
Photo by Maurício Mascaro on Pexels.com

By trying to be a fit or misfit you are only pushing yourself towards a trap of puppeteers. It is important to find a balance between the two and be close to your real self. That is possible when you are mindful of what you actually want for yourself. If you are being cool and that is brought out by incorporating fun into your life, that’s good. And if you are weird and you embrace it even that is cool. Too much of living life on one side of the scale will surely get you addicted to something. You need to find a balance between the two, and you need to understand that even the society is growing. What is weird today can be considered cool tomorrow. You just have to believe in yourself and let others watch the show. Your belief in self will let them see your true color to accept it.

Whatever your color is, let your real shade exude brilliance.

Beautiful expressions!! The story every couple tattoo create

Symbols of tattoos have interesting meaning and when these are used for matching couple tattoos, the meaning and designs come out even beautifully. Couple tattoos add more layer and meaning to the art. The fact that a couple decide to mark their tale permanent on their body is a beautiful expression already, and when tattooing emerges from this beautiful thought the design that get created holds a more elaborate meaning. Matching couple tattoo with the interesting mix of symbols adds life to the tattooing art.

Couple tattoo is considered a statement of love, or rather announcement of commitment. But it’s more than that. You love is again a part of your life that you want to be marked on your body. Not for others. But for the happiness of finding someone you want to share your life with. Or simply to celebrate the relationship -what it means to you, what role it has in your life or just to express your love. Maybe to share what you feel in common. You may want to rejoice in your relationship with a symbol that you feel relate to your state of mind.

This beautiful saga of life that you hold so dear, does not question how long it will be, it just makes you want to live more of it as long as you can and while you are living it, you want to imprint that beauty on your body. It can be a promise, an expectation, an expression or inspiration or simply a message, but whatever it is, it says that the couple is neck deep in love. But when you mark your body permanently, you should not be impulsive.

Lock and key

One of the popular couple tattoos is the lock and key. One partner has the lock and the other partner has the key. The lock is mostly in the shape of the heart. It can mean, you have the key to my heart, or I have the key to his/her heart. It also shows the other partners devotion. It can also mean pride, of both the partners on having each other, meaning ‘you unlock my heart’/ ‘I unlock your heart’. As an observer, you’ll see a team spirit and belongingness of the couple for having chosen that.  As made for each other.

King and Queen:

This tattoo is most popular among the couples. There are many variations of presenting this symbol. The symbol of king and queen means one love.  King and Queen also symbolize pride and respect. King has found his queen and vice versa. It also means,’ you are my queen’ or ‘you are my king’ and that the partners treat each other like a king/queen and together they rule. On a deeper note, there’s no other way better than having tattooed this symbol to make your partner feel valued. It says what your relation begets for which you value it more than anything else.

Heart :

The heart symbolizes love and passion. When we talk about the couple tattoo, this one has to be the first choice. The tattoo completes with the name of a lover or the person close to your heart. In couple tattoos, there are a lot of designs and innovative ways of symbolizing the heart. A heartbeat with little signs of heart or pieces of heart in both the partners makes beautiful tattoo designs. Tattoos with messages like ‘you have my heart’ or ‘love’ etc., with a heart symbol, is very popular. This symbol can be easily incorporated into any other symbol for a more meaningful design.

Puzzle pieces:

This means that the partner solves the puzzle of the heart. These are made in different forms like a heart is made in a form of puzzle pieces, both bearing half of it meaning a piece of heart that filled mine. Now an interesting design in this picture 

source: hative.com

has to be picked when a match is made after much wait and search. You solve each other’s puzzle, and both have keyholes. After knowing what lock and key mean on each other, this matching couple tattoo without the key says, they are open for both and no one has a key for the other.

Infinite colors of happiness:

When your partner adds color to your life. It also shows what part each played in the partnership. It can be one partner who brings color to the other partner’s life, or it can be both. You give space to your partner by letting them be themselves and draw a bigger picture of your roles in the relationship. You’ll always remember what your partner means to you and what you are with and without them.

Many incorporate this idea with colored hearts etc., but the one in this picture that has the zen circle that stands for inner strength and enlightenment makes the meaning complete.

source: www.thisistattoo.com


Birds symbolize freedom. And in couple tattoos, the designed with an open cage and bird is symbolic of the most beautiful commitment in love. That’s when freedom is the soul of your relationship. Well, it’s easier said than done, and when you have it imprinted permanently, you know you are committing freedom to your partner. It takes a big heart to do that and that earns respect for each other. With this tattoo, you tell your partner how much you trust him/her. A very interesting feature of incorporating this symbol in couple tattoos is with anchors, which mean to be rooted. So you tell your partner that you are rooted in him/her and you want to fly together, or you may also mean, you’ll let your partner fly.

Animated Movie themes:

If “Up’s” story is your story too, why not bear it on your skin. If you see your moments in Carl and Ellie’s paradise, or maybe that’s the ideal way of love for you, let these tattoo speak out loud for you. The animated movie theme looks cute and colorful. You tell your whole story with it. While relating to it you make the story a special part of you and create moments of little nothings. Disney characters are favorite among the couples. So are some songs they relate to the relationship.


Anchors mean you’ve found the shore. You are anchored, and you anchor your partner. You can have it imprinted in different forms and sizes, or even in a simple form but the meaning stands out as it means commitment. It stands out, even more, when the anchor is tattooed in the ring finger by the partners. Or maybe you would want to have the anchor with the message –that you threw the anchor and fetched her heart. If you are willing to have that marked permanently on you, we believe you when you say it. And we believe you when you say that you will go to any length to keep her heart.


Messages like I love you, I’ll be here forever, anniversary dates, Moon and back, Till my dying day on both partner registers love (strictly speaking). And these messages are made beautiful by exchanging parts with the partner. When messages are exchanged with the partner it shows how much they rely on each other.

Something like “guide me”  and “Hold me”. Some tattoo initials of each other on the ring finger instead of wedding rings. It can also be the circle of life or as was shown in one of the pictures above, an anchor. The idea of having a tattoo instead of a wedding ring defines a commitment more. Another way is to write the initials of a message on each finger that show up when the couple interlock hands with each other.

Gamers matching tattoos:

This is the most interesting one. All the fun that your relationship has, like your favorite game, you can’t leave. It’s like an addiction that keeps you going and makes everything so light and fun when you are in the clouds. There are many fun designs that come up with the game characters. This type of couple tattoo is more favorite among the teenagers. And it does not harm if the relationship does not work. They have their favorite game after all and an important phase imprinted on their bodies they remember.

The Yin and Yan tattoo:

The Yin yan tattoo will show how you complement each other. Yin stands for the moon, and its calmness and energy thereby. Yan stands for sun and its life and power thereby. Yin and Yan together hold the energies of the world. If sun stands for new beginning and rebirth, the moon gives consoles and solace. It beautifully signifies the strength of the couple when they are together. This tattoo is seen in many different forms but adding other symbols with this is not seen much.


Ellipses go great for besties because it means that you don’t need a word to understand each other. When you share that kind of friendship with your partner, that’s the best thing you can have in a relationship that you might want to treasure. This is something everybody expects in a relationship like they do for freedom, but very few understand it to relate it to couple tattoos. If you want to add other more important aspects you share in your relationship, you can add it to that. Just let your innovation start working. This is generally tattooed by friends than couples though.

Electrons and protons:

Electrons and protons are as dependent to work as to revoke. You can have this small thing tattooed if you are not much into designs and look, but are more into the meaning it holds. This simple imprint can have a deeper meaning with more interpretation. It can mean negative and positive. Opposites but completes each other. Also, it can mean both are equal because one cannot revoke the other when they are not balanced.


The symbol infinite connotes love for each other that is endless. This can be combined with time, love, anything you mean to say amounts infinity. Just like the meaning of the symbol infinite, it has infinite ways of coming up with innovative ideas and beautiful messages. Infinite tattooed on the ring finger can mean forever and after. Infinite with the heart and love mean infinite love for each other. The designs come out very interesting too with this symbol. Many include messages curved in an infinity symbol. It is simply having interesting ways of designing.


In Chinese symbolism, two butterflies together stand for love. Not just that butterflies stand for rebirth, metamorphosis, change, and beauty. It stands for the soul. If a couple chose butterflies as matching tattoos, it holds a much deeper meaning. One has to belong to the other to the level that makes your soul accept each other as an inseparable part. Butterflies can also mean the struggles of a relationship through which both emerge with beautiful colors. It not only means commitment but also the knowledge of the reality and the ultimate discovery of the selves and the truth of a relationship.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com



Wings symbolize freedom. That you are independent, you own your will and you cannot be tied down. Wings in couple tattoos bring out the meaning in a more beautiful way. It can be tattooed by couples as in this picture 

source: www.galknows.com

Wings on the heart mean together they fly. That they do not own each other but only belong to each other.  It also means that they give wings to each other to fly higher. Addition of stars makes the meaning even beautiful because, the star means truth, spirit, and hope. So when you let your partner be as he/she is and you both have a sincere relationship and you believe in guiding and supporting each other, adding stars to the wings will bring out that individuality of your relationship.

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Are you making your devices vulnerable to virus attack?

The Dyn cyber attack of 2016, that executed Distributed Denial of Service attacks through internet-connected devices, did affect a huge number of companies. Lives and businesses got highly affected in the short span.

Did that increase the benchmark we set for internet safety? Considering the level of digitization we partake, internet safety has to get into the skin of every bit of technology we are in. Security softwares have brought many products that cater to that level of expectation we have from internet security. But aren’t the hackers continuously working too?  As internet connection has become an inevitable part of our lives, we are more prone to be paralysed with a single negligence on internet security. Let’s see which part of internet usage makes us vulnerable to cyber attacks.


Network Attached Storage did make backing up data hassle free. It did save a lot of space in the office, home and the computer. But spyware seems to be equally efficient at creeping in, to mess up. It just does not let you free your mind by just backing up the data. It seems like the hackers are just waiting for a code to be breached and they work right away on taking control. Now SambaCry vulnerability that populates viruses on the devices, also attack NAS. Because if this the malware StorageCrypt encrypts files on NAS and demands a sum (in bitcoin) to decrypt it. Make sure you have the networks port closed. Keep Nas updated regularly. Keep it offline when you do not have a security solution for NAS installed.

Brute Forces:

Brute force is a technique of decoding passwords and Data Encryption standard. For this method of constantly attempting to decode a password, when machines are used to apply relation, passwords can be cracked in about 8 hours. It is therefore very important to choose a password wisely. Social Network plays a big role in protecting your identity. Be careful while sharing information and accessing different sites. Use the security protection guideline each social network has so that our information is secured and not misused. During Brute force attack, security software cannot block it but only warn it. Protection against brute force is therefore up to you.

Secure the Wi-Fi

A secure wi-fi connection is as important to avoid hackers. Make sure you reset the admin name and the password and do not disclose it. Of course, the password has to be strong. Secure it with WPA2 encryption. You can also create a guest network and encrypt it if you have a guest user. Keep all the software up to date. Have security software installed on your devices.

Parental Control :

Parental control helps when your kids access the computer and you are away. It’s not just to control what they check online, but to avoid the sites that can bring malware. You can just block certain websites while you are away. A security software, Kaspersky safe kids allows parents to track their children’s internet searches. This helps a lot in knowing how their kid’s minds work. Not to obstruct their growth, but just to know how they think and probably guide them better with the aid.

Fun Mommy Workout

I met a college friend after years with her family (her husband and two children). I would not recognize her had she not come up with that gorgeous smile and that twinkle in her eyes she always had. Apart from those, not even a trace of her teen diva look remained. She was still gorgeous but of a rounder version. And I couldn’t help but think; does she not miss her enviable shape? She still looked gorgeous, but she was loosing physical fitness and being more prone to ailments, especially when one has to run like a top after the children. She proved me right by complaining how she didn’t realize when the little extra pound became permanent and even when she wanted to work on it, she couldn’t take out time to start going to the gymnasium.
Now that’s where we are trapped, that habit of depending on norms. Gymnasiums are made to help you towards fitness but they are not the only place for fitness. When we cannot make it to them we forget fitness. But why should we do that?
There are so many things we moms get stuck with, in a day, and we complete them. And end up being tired and full of cramps. To add to it, our little ones are always up with their new skills of making us mad. When we are already moving our body so much, if we take care to keep our body aligned, maybe we can avoid the cramps. Can’t we have exercise incorporated in our daily chores when we do not have extra time for it, so that we benefit from it, instead of having pain? Sure we can. Let’s check some workouts we normally do everyday, yes, we do and call them daily chores. If we keep our body aligned while doing the chore it can be called a workout. This is what I mean..
There are so many things we do in a day which when done with a purpose of stretching the body too, will cover the number of stretches the body needs. We have to bend so many times to pick up the toys scattered around. If we bend straight and pick the toys or maybe the garden leaves, that’s a great way of stretching and cleaning your way. You feel so opened up that you may want to do few other stretches with that and make your body swing. Why make a fuss when the naughty little spirits cannot control their impulse of touching the things you want to keep away from them. Keep the things you don’t want them to touch high up. Maybe fix a board that high that even you find it difficult to reach. Keep yourself straight and stretch every time you keep and take things from there. If you are a working mommy, a quick stretch between work (not chore combo but a proper stretch) is a mandate to keep going.
The tiny dresses usually have more stains that they can carry. Machines can’t pinpoint the countless little mischiefs. You have to use your hands no matter what to remove the stain. When you are already doing that, why not sit in a position of a squat and wash the stain. You can stand up and go back down while rinsing the clothes. Even gardening is squats in disguise. It also is a good way to feed the little stomachs everything organic.


Why do we need extra time for crunches if we can use it as a playtime with our children? What’s better than doing sit-ups with our little one on us, having fun out of it. You can’t sweat better for your health than with your child swinging with their favourite song. Just make sure that your lower back is not arched.



There is this wonderful game ‘land air sea’ which is good for improving listening skills. You can place a board and call it land. When you say land you have to be on the board when you say water, get down and when you say air, jump up. This fun game covered you elliptical and laughter exercise. Make sure that the board is not too high. Of course taking stairs is not just for conserving energy. Elliptical finds a place here too!



Do you do cycling? If not, run; if not, skip with the troop. Boost your heart so that it pumps up proud when your future athletes break records. If it is not feasible to run or cycle outside, then skipping can take care of cardio. You can also arrange for a static cycle. However you’ll never run out of mini cardio throughout the day running after the busy bees escaping meal time.

The biggest challenge Mommies face is with weight control just after giving birth. The uncontrollable hunger pangs and the need to control weight do not go hand in hand.

Here’s what you can do-

*Do not bottle feed if you want your uterus to shrink faster. And why would you, if it’s not the best for your baby. The extra fat that your body gain are deposited to produce milk for the baby. So let nature do its job and your weight will be controlled naturally.


*Eat less but eat frequently.

*Eat healthy food. Include the best nutrients for you and your baby, so that you have a good metabolism and your baby is well nourished. Avoid saturated fats.


*Make yoga and stretching your companion. These will help you release the stress and keep you active and flexible without making things strenuous for the body.

The more you attend to your newborn’s demands, the less cranky your baby will be and you have more fun time with the little ones. The biggest demand our playful angels have is more “PLAYTIME”. So go ahead! Join the cry.