Abusive environment can cause hair loss in children

Hair loss at an old age is natural, as hair passes through different stages of growth -from growing phase to regression phase to the phase at old age, when hair stops growing, which is called a resting phase. So when hair is at the resting phase, it stops growing. Moreover, the body cannot provide enough nutrients to the hair follicles to stay strong. This naturally may cause baldness. But what can be the answer when a child starts losing hair? (more…)

Your baby benefits from cloth diapers more than the environment.

If my previous post fed some organic thoughts to your mind but you could not quite figure out the feasibility of it all, I thought of helping you out with some tips here. Every mom finds out the best way to attend to her baby’s needs, making sure it works for both. But then, we can still miss out some points (more…)

Shifting to an Organic Motherhood

I had a very stressful pregnancy that made my baby super cranky and hyperactive. For the first three days, I had no idea what was going on in my life with a precious little thing in my hands crying like anything and I couldn’t do anything to help him. I had a very less (almost none) support to make things easier and everything was so new to me that anything I thought of doing for my baby accompanied doubt.

Things were fine till we were in the hospital, but the moment we entered the house my baby woke up and started crying. (more…)

5 Tips On How To Relate To A Teenager

I really loved reading this blog. Part of my concerns over the dreaded teenage phase of my son was already taken care of by this blog. As much as I got to know that I am on the right track on sharing my son’s interest, I also got to know that there are factors that can work against this bond, that I should be prepared to handle well. Thank you for sharing this information.

Why raise to stoop?

One of my friend’s husband once said he does not appreciate when girls drive. I know ‘Ewww’ -that was my reaction too. It is the same person who found it hard to understand how a father can swim or share a drink with his daughter. Now this person calls his wife suspicious because she becomes angry when he behaves like a drooling ox whenever he sees a girl (more…)

Did you consider having a new apartment than having a renovation regret?

Has it ever happened that you’ve planned a renovation picturing an exclusive lounge out of the unused porch and you realize that the mending and fittings did not leave you with enough cash, and you made your porch a green-house instead? A greenhouse is not bad but that does not call for all the renovation expenses you just paid. And what if you’ve ordered a kitchen remodel and by the time it was delivered, you ended up paying extra for the delay caused in work? (more…)

Beautiful expressions!! The story every couple tattoo create

Symbols of tattoos have interesting meaning and when these are used for matching couple tattoos, the meaning and designs come out even beautifully. Couple tattoos add more layer and meaning to the art. The fact that a couple has decided to mark their tale permanent on their body is a beautiful expression already, and when tattooing emerges from this beautiful thought, the design that gets created holds a more elaborate meaning. Matching couple tattoo with the interesting mix of symbols adds life to the tattooing art.


Are you making your devices vulnerable to virus attack?

The Dyn cyber attack of 2016, that executed Distributed Denial of Service attacks through internet-connected devices, did affect a huge number of companies. Lives and businesses got highly affected in a short span.

Did that increase the benchmark we set for internet safety? Considering the level of digitization we partake, internet safety has to get into the skin of every bit of technology we are in. (more…)

Fun Mommy Workout

I met a college friend after years with her family (her husband and two children). I would not recognize her had she not come up with that gorgeous smile and that twinkle in her eyes she always had. Apart from those, not even a trace of her teen diva look remained. She was still gorgeous but of a rounder version. And I couldn’t help but think; does she not miss her enviable shape? She still looked gorgeous, but she was losing physical fitness and being more prone to ailments, especially when one has to run like a top after the children. She proved me right by complaining how she didn’t realize when the little extra pound became permanent and even when she wanted to work on it, she couldn’t take out time to start going to the gymnasium. (more…)